Wild Wind Farm

Herd test Negative for CAE, CL, Brucellosis and Johne's in March 2011 and November 2014

 Wild Wind Farm is a small six acre farm in northeast Ohio. I live here with my wonderful husband, 4 great children, seventeen
goats, three horses, three dogs and three cats. We purchased our first Nigerian Dwarf Goats in 2006. We bought two little
doelings from Tina at Lauren Haven for my then thirteen year old daughter and ten year old son. Lauren and Trevar showed in 4-
H that first year and were quite successful even though they had to show against standard size dairy goats.

We fell in love with these two girls and had to have more. Next we added two bucklings from Susan at Wood Bridge Farm, a Doe
from Cheryl at Sugar Creek Farm, and then a doeling from Sue at Buttin'heads.

We have learned so much and have had a great experience with our goats. All our animals have come from farms that have
tested negative for CAE, CL, and Johnes. Our goals are to raise Nigerians that are great milkers and are successful in the show
ring, and to share them with others so they can have as much fun with these delightful little goats as we do.          
What's new at Wild Wind Farm

This Spring The Cleveland Zoo bought two wethers from us, Wild Wind Farm Peter Pan and Wild Wind Farm
Heath bar.  We were inspected and the goats had many test done on them before they could go to their new
home.  CBC/profile, fecal parasite,   fecal culture ( salmonella -shigella- campylobacter), CAE, CL, Johnes',
Brucellosis, TB,  general exam and farm inspection.  Everything came back negative.
Peter Pan and Heath Bar
Here comes the Zoo van to pick up the boys!
After our farm inspection Heath Bar and Peter
Pan are loaded into the van.
Off they go to live a happy life with lots of petting and treats at the zoo,  
we get lots of reports and video of them and they are doing great!
Some of our
beautiful Wild Wind
Farm Girls!